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Irina Daniel Art


Welcome aboART!

My art may incorporate anything I have seen or felt: the bits and pieces of the impressions I experience “here and now”, fantasies about the future or patches from my past observation of life. All mentally and emotionally digested and then transferred into symbols and onto a canvas with a paintbrush and oil paint. 

The most effortless and perhaps most enjoyable artworks are immediate reflections on a subject - a nude human body or a flower - I see right here and right now without much thinking involved - just observing it and transferring its shapes, using All Prima technique, onto canvas with oil paints. 


My art usually starts with observation. The observation of the outside world or the inward realm.Then the sense of wonder arises, followed by a desire to reflect on it and to channel through my creative vessels an expression of it in order to share it with myself first; possibly, to know it differently, and then to show this reflection to other people, so they in their turn can start their circle of “observing to expressing”.


My tools are brushes and paints and pencils, which I use on paper, canvas or board.


Sometimes I think about the viewer, and sometimes I do not. Knowing how different we are I have no expectations on how my art will be perceived; however, I do hope that my art will bring some value and enjoyment to a viewer - either intellectual or simply aesthetic.


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