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Once upon a time there lived a vivacious girl with big curiosity for all the wonderful matters the world provided: starting with the enormous planets and going to the littlest cells. She admired them equally, ignoring the size. Then there was art and there was science, the political propaganda and authenticity of simple people; the man made and the nature made. Those matters were equivalently mesmerizing and important for her. 

There was a girl who considered as friends the children, the animals  and even the trees; while has  a wonderful closeness with her grandmother which would continue be nurturing through the years; whose childhood  happened in a country which will seize to exist along with its main dogma.
Nevertheless the memories about the childhood where it happens and who it what was around will be persistently there.

I still remember and cherish that girl vere much, after all she was myself many years ago.

About her experiences I decided to talk to my sons in order to communicate them about my childhood  and the time it took place; people I met along my path; what I liked and disliked doing; how my comprehension of the outside world was unfolding; and also to connect them with their ancestors with whom their acquaintance could have  happened on the pages of my stories. So this is how the Lyalya’s stories unfolded to existence having been written and illustrated by me.

I hope the  other readers  might be curious to read the stories and find them enjoyed and interesting. 


"The golden fluffs of my 10th Birthday"

irina-daniel-artist-book-front  cover-the-woollen-socks-russian-version.jpg

"The woolen socks"

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