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Dear readers! I am happy to present to you the first story about Lyalya and her tenth birthday about what happened that day, her friends and their "line" - a street drowning in apple orchards, where there are many adventures for children, adults and animals!


Actually my name is Irina Daniel, and Lyalya was my childhood name. I wanted to share Lyalya's - my childhood stories first with my sons, and then with you, my dear readers!


All stories are loosely based on real events and adventures involving myself, children, adults and animals. Everything takes place in a now non existing country - Soviet Union, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Alma-Ata.


I am also the illustrator of these stories, inspired by the illustrations I was watching in the books as a little girl.


I hope you like Lyalina's stories and the illustrations to them.

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