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Adam and Eve

“Madam, here is your Adam” - said God to newly made Eve. Then the LORD added: “Here is the Eden with many pleasant and fruitful trees, for you to live and enjoy with your Husband! Do not eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, since you may die” They tried all the fruits offered by the plentiful trees in the divine garden. They had a few conversations but didn’t have that many subjects to talk about - they knew nothing. Their imagination was limited. Eve felt a longing for change and adventure. Then the seducer appeared - the Serpent. The Serpent is shiny and scaly, just like the many Gucci bags that modern women desire. He is phallic in shape. He also could talk! Who could blame Eve for liking and trusting that crafty creature. The serpent offers — via eating fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil — the escape from the routine, the possibilities of choice and freedom. Perhaps, in turn sexual temptation and even adultery. Eve accepts. She wants to try the many fruits offered in real life. She wants to widen her horizons. Adam follows her in eating forbidden delights. He also wants to know, to feel and to discover different ways. Or maybe he got too attached to Eve? Maybe they both want to obtain their self-consciousness, even if the price to pay could be death? Did they think the exile would have been a price worth paying? Here we see Adam and Eve after they have eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Exposed in their nakedness, they enjoy the forbidden fruits of knowledge and freedom. Soon, the fall of man will follow removing them from the Garden of Eden into a life full of toil, fear, guilt, loneliness, yet, life chosen, where imagination, self-awareness will inevitably will lead to culture, philosophy, art and science. Do you think you would have resisted the temptation to savor the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge and remained in Eden or would you have taken your chance to try the option of knowing more about the world and yourself?


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