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Two women

I was sorting through my old papers, sketches and notes, when I came across this long forgotten pencil drawing. The drawing was made by me 10 years ago: I remember this beautiful woman - the favorite model of all the artists of the famous New York art school - The Art Student League.

Her body was the splendor of the forms. One could admire how elastic, strong and glowing it was. To contrast or perhaps to enhance the color of her skin, she tied a turquoise scarf around her head and wore wide gold hoops in her earlobes. The model was magnificent in her naturalness and authenticity. Her ability to love her own body was palpable. She obviously cherished it and existed in it with grace and gratitude.

In 2009, my eldest son and I lived in Manhattan for several months. I, then, drew mainly with a simple pencil and was taking the “Charcoal Drawing with Robert Sinadella” course at the Art Student League. I started painting in oils later, in 2015, in Kazakhstan, therefore the brightly colored picture of this woman from New York remains only in my memory.

Another woman as if in red flames in the background, which I painted in oil paints in 2019. This is a 20cmx30cm alla prima style painting, painted by me in a couple of hours.

After ten years, I'm slowly but surely finding my style. Anthropocentrism still prevails in my work: the human body attracts me with its complexity. Painting it is the challenge.

Through observing, contemplating and conveying a person in painting, I better understand and appreciate all people in general, and myself in particular.

I understand that life sometimes can be disappointing and difficult. People are fragile and vulnerable. Art helps me cope with my own difficulties, and see and realize the divine in every individual, I can confidently say that there are no unattractive bodies - everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way: just stop, look closely, see and capture.


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